Allentown Arts Walk Wedding Photographer
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Allentown Arts Walk Wedding Photographer

This picture was taken at the Arts Walk in Allentown, PA.

When I photograph the couple on the wedding day, I shoot in a variety of environments and include many different types of backgrounds.

For this picture of the bride and groom, Despina and Kyle, I choose a very colorful and celebratory background to represent the excitement that there was on their wedding day. This mural is in center city Allentown so it's a busy part of the city. By standing farther away from my subject and zooming in with my lens, I am able to control my composition more and can crop out anything that would be distracting. In fact, right out out the camera's frame were people walking around and cars driving.

Because I am continually presented with situations like this when I am photographing a couple on their wedding, it's vital for me to bring the appropriate equipment and know how and when to use it. As a wedding photographer I have to be prepared for all situations because there is no do over.