The Barn at Stoneybrooke Wedding Photos
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The Barn at Stoneybrooke Wedding Photos

This picture was taken in Atglen, PA.

I always offer to the couple that I will take some sunset portraits of the two of them. This, of course, happens at different times depending on the season.

This particular photo of Megan and DJ was taken in the summer so we stepped outside for a few minutes during their reception. Understandably some couples might not want to do this but most couples actually enjoy it and having a few minutes just being together is very welcomed.

I had Megan and DJ stand on the hillside and just take in the view around them. I exposed for the sunset in the sky behind them with my camera with using a flash to expose for them. This is not the kind of picture that can be taken with natural light only and this is an example of why it's important for me to be able to use artificial light as well.