Bellgate Farms Wedding Ivy Wall
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Bellgate Farms Wedding Ivy Wall

This picture was taken at Bellgate Farms in Coopersburg, PA.

Every venue I photograph a wedding at has certain locations that stand out more than others. This is one of those locations at Bellgate Farms. On the side of the bridal suite is a beautiful ivy covered wall. I knew I wanted to use it for some of the couple's portraits.

In this picture the bride and groom, Megan and Jack, were having a quiet moment together. Megan was looking across the venue property towards the ceremony location just taking in the day of celebration they had. Jack was looking at Megan the entire time and he really couldn't keep his eyes off of her. I had them purposefully looking in different directions because it created a story or sense of wanting to know more as the viewer. Maybe even a sense of mystery?

Where people look is an important part of creating images as a wedding photographer. It helps to tell a story or create a certain look/mood. Sometimes I have the couple looking at the camera, mostly I have them looking at each other or the environment around them, and sometimes I will do what I did in this picture. It adds variety to the wedding photography as compared to always having people smile at the camera.