First Look at Vault 634
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First Look at Vault 634

This moment is from Jess and Justin's wedding at Vault 634 in Allentown, PA. This is the first few seconds after their first look. As you can see by their expressions, it was a very emotional moment.

When one of my couples is getting married at Vault 634 and they want to have a first look, I always recommend to have it in the front balcony. It's really the best place to take these pictures. The reason for this is privacy, lighting, and esthetics.

This balcony is really not used by anyone in the venue until later in the day when the DJ will have their setup there. Therefore, no one from the venue would be walking through this area. Also, no guests would be arriving at this time and in this location. That all equates to privacy.

The lighting here is all natural and comes from the large windows at the front of the venue. It is an even light that works perfectly for the moments that come with a first look. Whether someone faces one way or the other, they will have light on them and I would not want to miss photographing any of those emotions.

Lastly, the esthetics are just amazing. It shows off what Vault 634 has to offer through the stained-glass ceiling and chandeliers. It really is an incredible backdrop for your first look pictures!