Ricketts Glen engagement photographer
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Ricketts Glen engagement photographer

This picture was taken at Ricketts Glen in Benton, PA.

The bride and groom-to-be, Amanda and Andrew, are a very adventurous duo! They wanted some really excited engagement photography and that came in the form of exploring the waterfalls at Ricketts Glen.

There are about 22 waterfalls in this location and I find that the lower falls are the most accessible and best for photography. The water is also pretty shallow as long as there wasn't too much rain in the days prior. It's about a 30 minute hike from the lower parking lot.

Because the natural light in the woods can be very patchy, I used a flash off camera right to light Amanda and Andrew. That then allowed me to control the exposure of the waterfall because I certainly do not want to overexpose that. As an engagement and wedding photographer, I find it best to be prepared for all situations and that involves being able to use a combination of natural light and artificial light.