Ricketts Glen Engagement Session Photos
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Ricketts Glen Engagement Session Photos

This picture was taken at Ricketts Glen in Benton, PA.

My couples will often ask me "where should we have our engagement session?". I recommend that they choose a location that has meaning to them and/or has an esthetic that they are interested in.

The bride and groom-to-be, Lyndsey and Kenny, decided to have their engagement session photography at Ricketts Glen. The reason is that Kenny actually proposed here AND it's just an absolutely beautiful piece of nature in Pennsylvania to explore. There are over 20 waterfalls here and it really is breathtaking!

As an engagement photographer it's important for me to incorporate the environments around my couples because these locations have a lot of meaning to them. For this picture I made a point of composing Lyndsey and Kenny in front of the waterfall so the waterfall acted as a framing element around them. I also used a flash behind them to create a rim light as well as illuminate the mist in the air from the waterfall. I though it added to the romance of the picture.

It's always an adventure when I photograph an engagement session at Ricketts Glen and I truly feel blessed to be able to do this for a living.