Steel Stacks Engagement Photographer
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Steel Stacks Engagement Photographer

This picture was taken at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA.

The bride and bride-to-be, Jenna and Kristin, wanted to have an industrial look to some of their engagement session photography. Steel Stacks was the perfect location for us to go!

Weather permitting, I try to include some sunset pictures towards the end of an engagement session. The western sky agreed with us for Jenna and Kristin's photo shoot and we were able to get some beautiful colors in the background along with the silhouette of Bethlehem Steel.

Creating a picture like this involves me using flash on my subject to expose for them property while I expose for the sky properly with my camera. This is not a photograph that would be possible with natural light only. My job as an engagement photographer and wedding wedding photographer involves me being able to know my equipment well enough to create whatever "look" I am envisioning.