Glasbern Inn Wedding Photos
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Glasbern Inn Wedding Photos

This picture was taken at the Glasbern Inn in Fogelsville, PA.

The father daughter dance is a very meaningful event at the wedding reception. It is often filled with beautiful emotions for both the bride and her father.

In this picture the bride, Emily, was dancing with her father. I certainly got the emotions on her face but I also wanted to get her father's emotional response. At this moment, Emily's father grabbed her a little tighter and held her a little closer. His face was up against hers and he just closed his eyes.

Often times with photojournalism on a wedding day, the open eyes convey a lot of emotion. In this particular picture though, it's the fact that Emily's father's eyes were closed in a way where you knew he closed them so he could appreciate the moment he was in right then and there. This picture makes me emotional just looking at it.