Lehigh Valley Bride Getting Ready
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Lehigh Valley Bride Getting Ready

This picture was taken in the Lehigh Valley, PA.

When I am photographing a bride getting ready on the wedding day, I almost always use window light. It's a beautiful quality of light that has a very painterly look to it. The reason it has a painterly look is because, well, painters used window light before there was any electricity for an artificial light source.

In this particular picture though, the bride Jen was getting ready in a church basement. And while there were windows, the windows were near the ceiling, were small, and the outside light was blocked by outdoor landscaping on a cloudy day. Needless to say there was not a lot of natural light coming in.

I decided to use an LED light off camera right to create the same kind of light that would come from a window. This situation is a perfect example of why I should be prepared for any kind of scenario that I am presented with on a wedding day. The natural or available light in a given situation is not always ideal or flattering and sometimes I have to create the light to better the situation and create a more flattering image for my couples.