Lehigh Valley Church Wedding Photos
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Lehigh Valley Church Wedding Photos

This picture was taken in the Lehigh Valley, PA.

One of the most celebratory times on a wedding day is when the couple is pronounced husband and wife, wife and wife, husband and husband, etc. It really is an exciting part of the day.

As a wedding photographer, it's very important for me to capture these moments. They happen very quickly and I have to walk backwards as I'm taking the pictures. I've learned how to do this all the while paying attention to what is going on around me so that I do not bump into someone or something.

Sometimes on a wedding day, I am working with a videographer. It's important for me to be mindful of where they are and where they are shooting from so that I am not intruding on their work and they are not intruding on mine. Communication is key while working together with other vendors.

I continually am talking about elements that have nothing to do with taking a picture but have a lot to do with being a professional wedding photographer. One of these elements is definitely communication and working well with all the vendors involved on the wedding day.