Lehigh Valley Wedding
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Lehigh Valley Wedding

This picture was taken at a private residence in Lehigh Valley, PA.

I always start the wedding photography with pictures of the details. This includes the dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. Usually these pictures do not include any people and are meant to solely focus on the detail.

While I was photographing the bride's dress, this adventurous little guy came into the room. He was playing with his toy truck which was probably the single most important thing in his life at the time. He did not see me because he was so focused on his precious toy and because I was crouched down on the floor to photograph the wedding dress. I thought there was a really captivating story in this picture because the wedding dress is incredibly important to the bride but this little guy could really care less about it because he had his truck. Nothing could break his attention!

A very important part of my job is knowing when to NOT say a word to anyone that I am photographing. If I would have told this little guy to smile at the camera, he would have given me a very fake smile. He also might have been shy and just ran away. Neither of those responses would have been as strong as this moment that occurred naturally.