Olde Homestead Weddings
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Olde Homestead Weddings

This picture was taken at Olde Homestead in New Tripoli, PA.

If the wedding couple is interested in having sunset pictures, I always make a point of taking some. (weather permitting) I make a point of photographing the portraits quickly so the couple does not miss too much of their wedding reception.

The bride and groom, Corey and Tom, were definitely interested in having some colorful sunset pictures of the two of them. I photographed some portraits where there were lit by some of my lights and I also choose to do some silhouettes.

When I photograph silhouettes, it's even more important for me to think about body language. If two people are standing very close and kissing, the silhouette just becomes one big blob of a shape. The viewer of the photograph can't really see what's going on in a situation like that. For this image, I gave Corey and Tom some direction so the silhouette was clear and it told a story.

Part of my job as a wedding photographer is knowing how to give direction to my couples during portraits. If I just told Corey and Tom to randomly walk around, it would not have created a clean portrait with a narrative behind it.