Philly Westin Wedding
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Philly Westin Wedding

This picture was taken at the Westin in Philadelphia, PA.

The getting ready pictures are the beginning of the wedding day story. They are often times more quiet moments with the couple getting dressed for their day.

In this picture the groom and groom, Marc and Kai, are helping each other get ready for the wedding day. It's not what most couples do however I have been seeing this more and more when two men are getting married. I think it makes for some beautiful pictures. I also think it helps take the pressure off of the couple on their wedding day.

I chose to create a silhouette for this particular photograph. I actually shot into the bathroom mirror that was reflecting the two of them standing on the far side of the hotel room with the outdoor window behind them. That back lighting from outside created the silhouette. I love the colors in this photograph because they contain the artificial warm light in the bathroom and the natural cool light of outside. Part of my wedding photography style is having more colorful pictures and this is one of the many ways I create that look.