Phoenixville Wedding Photographer
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Phoenixville Wedding Photographer

This photo was taken during Rochelle and Andrew's wedding in Phoenixville, PA.

I am always willing to go outside in the evening to take portraits of the couple. Most couples are excited to do this however some couples prefer to stay at their reception and I respect that.

There was a side street and mural about a block away from Rochelle and Andrew's wedding venue and I thought it would make for a great evening portrait location of the two of them. I underexposed the ambient light completely and set off a flash towards the mural to create a silhouette of them. I had the two of them reach out to each other and took the shot. It was my hope that this would be a visual metaphor for their new chapter in life. Hand-in-hand they have the entire world to experience together.

These kinds of pictures are some of the most meaningful portraits I take of the couple on their wedding day. I want the photo to tell a story and really have meaning behind it.