Riverview Country Club Wedding
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Riverview Country Club Wedding

This picture was taken at Riverview Country Club in Easton, PA.

There are a lot of traditions on the wedding day during the reception. One of them is the cake cutting.

The bride and bride, Kristin and Jenna, decided to have a little fun after cutting their cake. They wanted to disregard the forks and plates and just grabbed some cake and fed each other! Jenna, on the right, seemed very much aware of this plan while, Kristin on the left, was very much surprised!

The contrast of emotions on both of their faces is one of the elements that makes this a favorite picture of mine. When I am photographing moments, sometimes it is more interesting if not everyone in the picture is reacting in the same way. In this particular case, I think it adds to the humor of the photograph.

This picture makes me smile and makes me love being a wedding photographer.