Woodstone Country Club Wedding Photographer
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Woodstone Country Club Wedding Photographer

This picture was taken at Woodstone Country Club in Danielsville, PA.

The bridal portraits are a very important part of the wedding day. While I always take pictures of the couple together, I also do individual portraits of the couple as well.

Charlette had mentioned to me how much she loved the landscaping and waterfall at Woodstone Country Club. As I always do, I made a point of incorporating the environments that my couples love into the pictures that I am taking.

There are two light sources in this image. One is the sunlight that I used as a backlight on Charlette. It really shows off some highlights and color in her hair. If she was wearing a veil, that would have been beautifully illuminated as well. The second light, which was off camera right, was a flash that I blended with the natural light. It was a flattering light on her and it allowed me to underexpose the background a bit so I didn't lose too much detail in the landscaping and waterfall.